Monday, October 23, 2006

The Dark Night of the Soul

Hey Faithful Readers,

I fear I am entering a time of vocational and educational insanity from now to the end of November. So you won't see me posting quite as often as I'd like. Sorry about that! It'll pick right back up, I promise.

Surely you could have found a Dore print to go along with a post with a title like "The Dark Night of the Soul"!

Maybe you could bring in some reference to the Winter of Discontent at this juncture, too.

Sounds like you could use our prayers. Blessings on the way before you. And those nights can end up being the most illuminating times of all, as you well know.

You have a cool blog and I love the Dore prints!

Thanks for backing me up on Evangelical Outpost!

You might find some of the stuff on our blog somewhat along the same lines of what you like:

Hi Andrew,

Welcome to my blog. Take of your coat, sit down, and stay a while!

I have indeed been to Mere Orthodoxy before and I've been reading the GodBlogCon notes. Perhaps I'll try to lurk a little less.

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