Friday, June 30, 2006

God Disappears in a Poof of Logic

Several years ago I was overseas with InterVarsity cultural exchange project. The country's public education was predominantly atheist, and so were most of our foreign counterparts. I became good friends with one of them, and had more than a few spiritual conversations with him.

Finally though, he pulled out all the stops on me. "If God can do anything," he asked, "then can he make a rock so big he can not lift it?" I was rather taken aback - had I traveled to the far side of the world to be asked such a familiar question? This was a tactical blunder on the part of the forces of darkness - the question might be decisive, but its familiarity cushioned the blow.

So, in the interest of good sportsmanship, I offer a few alternatives for the enemy's use:
  • Can God make a peg so round that he can't fit it in a square hole?
  • Can God make a woman so sexy that he can't resist her?
  • Can God make a dinner so European that he can't eat it with chopsticks?
Any other good ones?

Can God make a joke so funny he can't stop laughing at it?

* Can God make it so that He never was?

* Can God form a question He can't answer? (Maybe this one.)

* Can God make 2+2 = 5?

* Can God sin and not sin at the same time, and in the same sense?

* Can God truthfully say, "I always lie"?

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