Friday, October 19, 2007


The people of Israel finally have a king over them who unites the twelve tribes under the reign of a single dynasty. The story explores the tension between serving the Lord as king and having to submit to a human monarch, as Saul slides further and further into rebellion. But God himself chooses the shepherd David, a man with a heart after his own, to carry his lambs in his arms. Thus begins the golden age of Israel, where the great king David is the standard by which all others will be judged.

Volume One
  1. The Lord is King (1-6)
  2. Serving Two Masters (7-12)
  3. The Man Who Would Be King (13-15)
  4. Height and Heart (16-20)
  5. The Wrath of Man and the Righteousness of God (21-26)
  6. The Fall of Saul (27-31)
Volume Two
  1. An Unfading Crown of Glory (1-10)
  2. The Heart of Man (11-12)
  3. Absalom, Absalom! (13-19)
  4. Ruling in the Fear of God (20-24)