Thursday, May 10, 2007


Deuteronomy is the last book of the Law. In Moses final speech to the people, he repeats the commandments with greater depth and perspective while setting the stage for the conquest of Canaan. However, there is also a sense of foreboding and melancholy, as he somehow knows that they conquer only to be eventually banished once again for their disobedience. The book ends with both encouragement to keep the law to enjoy God's blessings and assurance of God's faithfulness even when they rebel against him.

Here are all the posts, with astricks by what I think were the better ones:
  1. The Spirit of the Law (intro)
  2. Heart to Heart With God (1-12)
  3. *You Are My Beloved Son (13-19)
  4. *Oh How I Love Your Law (20-26)
  5. The Curse of the Law (27-30)
  6. They Shall Not Enter My Rest (31-34)