Wednesday, March 28, 2007


Numbers is a tedious and frustrating account of a tedious and frustrating process. Israel proves to be every bit as intolerable as the Lord feared, and he spends forty years scuffling with them in the burning wilderness. But a shiny new generation finally emerges, and their wild zeal and brutality is far better than the pathetic vision of their parents.

Here are all the posts, with astricks by what I think were the better ones:
  1. The Ten Thousand Thousands (1-10)
  2. An Evil and Adulterous Generation (11,13-15)
  3. *Self-Made Men and the Kingdom of God (12,16-19)
  4. Confusion at Meribah (20-21)
  5. Like the Beasts that Perish (22-24)
  6. The Generation That Seeks Your Face (25-30)
  7. *In Defense of Genocide (31)
  8. The Plans I Have for You (32-36)