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Who is Oyarsa?

The title of this blog is taken from C. S. Lewis' Out of the Silent Planet. Oyarsa is the name of the guardian spirit of Malacandra (the planet Mars). The premise of the book is that Earth is under quarentine, and no messages have gotten in or out before. Through the course of the book, an earthling named Dr. Elwin Ransom eventually finds himself being questioned by Oyarsa about what Maleldil (the creator of the universe) has been doing on the Silent Planet.
All that afternoon Ransom remained alone answering Oyarsa's questions. I am not allowed to record this conversation, beyond saying that the voice concluded it with the words:

"You have shown me more wonders than are known in the whole of heaven."
This is not because of Ransom's great wisdom or insights, but because of his simple knowledge of his own tradition - a tradition based on shocking and unrepeatable events. It is these mysteries that I intend to probe on this blog, hoping not to take for granted the wonders of the story we humans inhabit.

Welcome to blogging! I look forward to reading...

Interesting title, I must say.

As I'm sure you know, Ransom was based on Lewis' good friend, J.R.R. Tolkien; Treebeard, of course, was loosely based on Lewis and his famous, booming voice.

It will be interesting to follow your blog through the Bible - and to pick up trivia like this on the way.

Welcome to Godblogging!

Just to clarify, "Oyarsa" is the title given to the ruling eldil of a particular planet. So the oyarsu you make reference to above is only properly understood as "Oyarsa" or “The Oyarsa” while Ransom was actually on Malacandra. Away from Mars, that same eldil would be referred to as "Malacandra."

The "local" oyarsa of our silent planet Thulcandra (Earth) is Satan.

What a visual treat your blog is!!!
One of these days, I need to find a way to change from the regular Blogger template.

You must tell us where you got the photo for your opening page. I need to visit there!

Mont St. Michel, near Normandy, France. It is the most impressive man-made structure I've ever seen. Far, far more beautiful than this picture would have you believe. I've written something on it, which perhaps I'll adapt for the blog.

I concur with Mt. St. Michel, an amazing place. Although, too many tourist shops at the entrance.

I have some reflections on Mont St. Michel (and then some) here. The place has become rather iconic for me...

Ransom described the eldil as being not unlike "thinking minerals". In eastern Cherokee teachings quartz crystals are potent sources of "intelligent" healing and transmission. They are deeply revered and treated with utmost care and attention. Interesting - it seems reasonable to doubt that Lewis would have known about the Cherokee teachings. Great blog, thanks!

According to the anonymous comment above, the local Oyarsa of our planet, Thulcandra, is Satan (which is indeed what Lewis meant).

However, I believe that Satan was deposed as Oyarsa when he was expelled from Heaven (according to Jewish legend, this was because he refused to bow down before Adam - a tradition that Lewis was almost certainly aware of, because at the end of Perelandra, the Oyarses of Perelandra bow down before the new Adam and Eve of that world).

Our new Oyarsa, I would argue, is the archangel Michael (whose name means 'one is like God') for it is he who battles most fiercely against the hosts of Satan (who clearly resents being deposed). He is the being of light glorified by many ancient Pagan traditions (the Celtic deity Belatucadros, 'Bright Beautiful One' springs to mind) and associated with hilltops such as Mont Saint Michel. Note that the name of Satan before the angelic Fall was the Light-Bringer - I am sure he was stripped of this title after his fall and it was given to Michael.

Intriguingly, Lewis also said that each world has eldila who reflect the principle represented by the Oyarses of the other planets (so there is a good version of Satan on Perelandra, and a version of Venus, Mars, Jupiter etc on Earth).

To everyone speaking about this book where do find all this info? I would love to research this. I must admit I am quite confused pertaining to the angels over the planets and the purpose of the book and the werid names don't help at all. I just found out about Leviathan

"Our new Oyarsa, I would argue, is the archangel Michael "
No, we are now our own Oyarsa, as sons of God, like Jesus, it´s said in the book by Augray.

Is there any way you can re post where you ordered the Trinity Icon? I tried to click on it and
it was not available. I would love to order one for myself.




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